Consecreated 17th May 1876. Ancient charge: "From ancient times no Master or Fellow could be absent from his Lodge, especially when warned to appear thereat without incurrring a severe censure unless it appeared to the Master and wardens that pure neccessity hindered him"

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The Website of St. Giles Lodge of Cheadle No. 1587

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Masonic Hall
The Masonic Hall

St. Giles Lodge is a Masonic Lodge that was originally formed in Cheadle, Staffs in 1875 and now meets at The Masonic Hall, The Terrace, Cheadle nine times a year usually on a Wednesday evening from September to May.

We are an active lodge that has a healthy intake of new members who are actively encouraged and supported by its many experienced brethren.

St. Giles Lodge regularly holds social events, such as a Ladies Evenings, Lunches, themed Nights, Barbeques & visits to other lodges & Grand Lodge we also have a number of lodges that visit us on a regular basis.

St. Giles Lodge is governed by The United Grand Lodge of England just as thousands of other lodges across the globe are.

Within our province of Staffordshire there are 99 Lodges & 2,800 members. The oldest lodge is more than 200 years old.

St. Giles Roman Catholic ChurchPugins Gem Cheadle boasts two churches dedicated to St.Giles. The left illustration shows St Giles Anglican Church and the illustration on the right shows the magnificent St Giles RC Church also known as "Pugin's Gem."

St Giles himself was a French abbot who lived around the seventh century.

St. Giles Anglican Church was built between 1837-39. The Architect was James Pigott Pritchett.

St Giles' Catholic Church was opened in 1846 and was designed by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin.